About Red Edge

Red Edge images is a boutique image library supplying high quality images to publishers worldwide, mainly for fiction book covers.

We love books

We love reading books, we love handling books, we love looking at books on shelves, and we're no strangers to e-book readers either. So it follows that, as photographers, we should enjoy being involved in the production of books - which we have done for many years!

At Red Edge, we don't like 'stock photography'. What we like is original photography with a commissioned feel to most of the images. We love atmospheric, evocative, eye-catching, creative photography. But that should come as no surprise since both the partners are photographers with many years experience of photography for publishing and advertising.

Just ask

If you don't see what you want, ask us and we'll see what we've got. We may even shoot it for you. So if it isn't in the library today, just ask us nicely and maybe, just maybe, it could be in our files tomorrow!

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